Healthy Body

Nutrition/Fitness is an important component to physical and mental wellness. The following classes are offered to assist clients to achieve physical and mental well-being. Program staff are trained and certified by Canada Fitness Professional (Can Fit Pro).

Nutrition Classes

Weekly classes are held to teach healthy lifestyle habits and meal planning, healthy eating on a budget and information on weight management. Diabetic issues are discussed and exercise is encouraged.

Equipment Workout at Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre

Three times per week equipment workouts are held to teach proper equipment use, program planning and implementation of individual programs.


Offered weekly for clients in-house-chair exercises, WII bowling, and more.

Equipment Workout (In-house)

Exercise equipment is available in-house for persons who are not able to attend the Off-Site Program; WII Fitness Programs are offered and led by Staff; Chair Exercises are offered for persons with limited mobility.

Aqua Fitness

Two per week exercise classes in the pool at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre.

Aikido Classes

On a weekly basis classes are held by a black-belt instructor teaching techniques to improve skills and acquire belts through the art of self-discipline.

Yoga/Meditation Classes

On a weekly basis, classes are held by a certified yoga instructor teaching a system of posture and breathing exercises to attain relaxation and control of body and mind.

Heart Walks

Weather permitting, daily outside walks take place with clients and staff.


Offered two times a week, once virtual.

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