Outings and Events


The following events were either attended or hosted by MHC in 2014/15:

April 2014 – Annual Talent Show

April 2014 – Easter Celebration and Dance

April 2014 – NAMI Graduation

July 2014 – Summertime Dance

September 2014 – Consumer Focus Groups

November 2014 – FLU Clinic

November 2014 – NAMI Graduation

November 2014 – American Thanksgiving Football Party

December 2014 – Annual MHC Christmas Party, Masonic Temple Ballroom

December 2014 – Goodfellows Delivery and Pick-up for MHC Clients

February 2014 – Family Focus Groups for LHIN

February 2015 – Valentine’s Day Party and Dance

March 2015 – St. Patrick’s Day Dance

March 2015 – Easter Celebration and Dance

Out of Town Outings

Using bussed transportation and MHC’s van, clients participated in the following outings in 2014/15:

May 2014 – Trip to Greenview Aviaries

June 2014 – Detroit River Cruise & Picnic at Bert Weeks Park

September 2014 – Tri-County Corn Roast in Sarnia

October 2014 – Tri-County Halloween Party in Chatham

November 2014 – Trip to Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens

December 2014 – Annual Christmas Party, Masonic Temple Ballroom

Assisted Transportation

Through the use of an Agency Van clients are picked up at Rest Homes and brought to MHC to participate in daily programming. Clients are taken on shopping trips to stores, fruit markets or food banks to purchase or obtain personal needs, i.e. food, hygiene products, clothing and other basic necessities. Trips to local parks, libraries, museums and other places of interest are offered to help clients to get fresh air and sunshine and also exposure to nature.
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